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United States Coast Guard

The U.S. Coast Guard has a seasonal search and rescue detachment stationed near the entrance of the Coquille River approximately from Memorial Day (last week of May) through the end of September. Strong currents, shallow depths and waves that break in seemingly calm conditions, along with the fact that the Coquille River bar can become fog bound quickly (usually in the mornings), necessitates the presence of U.S. Coast Guard Coquille River Patrol during the active summer season.

Inbound mariners should read our Port Entry Page carefully before crossing the bar for the first time. Boaters are reminded that most calls for help occur either due to lack of boat preparation after winter storage or lack of fuel. Boaters who face an emergency with a non functionting VHF radio can have a 911 cell phone call immediately relayed to the Bandon Station.  NON EMERGENCY Phone # (541) 347-2038.

The Port of Bandon and boating community greatly appreciate having Coast Guard presence in Bandon and thank these fine men and women for the services they provide.

Note: Boaters inbound in fog conditions should not attempt to make a bar crossing without radar, but should wait until the fog clears or head for Coos Bay.