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Crabbing in the Coquille River Info

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Where to Crab & Clam in the Coquille River

The areas around Bandon, on the Coquille River, have productive softshell beds. The areas near Bandon Marsh National Wildlife refuge tend to be the most popular. Populations of other bay clams may be found close to the jettys but are mostly subtidal.

Oregon crabbing is a year-round activity that can almost always yield a successful trip. Crabbing trips require minimal gear, often available for rent in coastal towns, and while boat crabbing increases your likelihood for success, dockside crabbing is easy and very accessible. Before crabbing, be aware of crab regulations. Knowledge of where, when, and how to crab will increase your chances for success.

Remember to set your crab gear outside of navigational channels.

The Navigational Channel is defined on the above picture as the white dotted strip running from the mouth of the ocean up the river to the bridge. Pots are not allowed in the navigational channel and may be pulled if found.