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Transient Information

PORT OFFICE HOURS: Mon-Fri  8am to 4pm, please call (541) 347-3206

PORT AFTER HOURS: Please call (541) 290-9855

Transient vessels are permitted to temporarily moor for no more than twelve (12) hours. For moorage longer than twelve hours, the vessel owner shall sign a moorage agreement. Upon signing a moorage agreement, a slip shall be assigned and paid for in advance. During non-office hours, holidays and weekends, vessel masters shall contact the Port Office After Hours number to make moorage arrangements. 

Vessels in distress may take moorage in any available transient slip and must immediately notify the Port Office of the vessel's situation and location. Distressed vessels must also, as soon as practical comply with all state and federal environmental laws. A distressed vessel taking refuge within the Port of Bandon boat basin or launch ramp area agrees to be responsible for any and all damage to the Port's facilities and to indemnify the Port against any harm it causes. 


A blueprint of a marina layout showing docked boats and slip numbers.