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Fish Cleaning and Waste Disposal

The Port of Bandon fish cleaning tables will be closed and water service turned off for repairs and maintenance each winter from mid December to February.
May contain: animal, coho, fish, sea life, adult, male, man, person, clothing, footwear, shoe, and hat

In order to dispose of fish waste properly, please observe the following when using the Port Fish Cleaning Areas:

In small quantities, fish waste is scavenged by crabs and other marine animals. However, in an enclosed marina basin decomposition of excessive fish waste can produce foul odors and impair water quality through increased nutrient and bacteria levels and decreased dissolved oxygen. This can cause fish kills as well as an unsightly mess.

May contain: clothing, pants, adult, male, man, person, wood, and hat
  • Do not throw fish waste, unwanted bait, or bait packaging into marina waters.
  • Discard fish waste over deep water or in the trash.
  • If available, use fish cleaning stations.
  • Recycle fish parts by composting with peat moss or burying in the garden as fertilizer.
  • Freeze fish waste and reuse as chum or bait.

Port of Bandon was awarded Clean Marina status in September 2014 by the Oregon State Marine Board.  Observance of fish waste regulations is especially important.  We appreciate your cooperation.

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